M320DVN01.2 Datasheet – 32 inch Color TFT LCD – AUO

Part Number : M320DVN01.2, M320DVN01.1, M320DVN01.0

Function : Super I/O product

Package : 128-pin LQFP Type

Manufacturers : Nuvoton

Image :
M320DVN01.2 32inch lcd

Description :

This specification applies to the 32.0 inch wide Color a-Si TFT-LCD Module M320DVN01.1. The display supports the QHD – 2560(H) x 1440(V) screen format and 1.07B colors (10bits RGB input). The input interface is 4-channel LVDS and this module doesn’t contain an driver board for backlight.

Display Characteristics

M320DVN01.2 datasheet pinout


Handling Precautions

1) Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay attention not to scratch it.
2) Be sure to turn off power supply when inserting or disconnecting from input connector.
3) Wipe off water drop immediately. Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots.
4) When the panel surface is soiled, wipe it with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth.
5) Since the panel is made of glass, it may break or crack if dropped or bumped on hard surface.


M320DVN01.2 Datasheet