M37212M4 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : M37212M4

Function : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcfomputer for voltage synthesizer with on-screen display controller. ROM 16K bytes RAM 320K bytes


Pinouts :

M37212M4 datasheet

Description :

The M37212M6-XXXSP/FP, M37212M4/M8-XXXSP are single-chip microcomputers designed with CMOS silicon gate technology. They have a OSD, I2C-BUS interface, and PWM, so it is useful for a channel selection system for TV.

The feature of the M37212EFSP/FP are similar to those of the M37212M6-XXXSP/FP except that these chips have a built-in PROM which can be written electrically. The differences between the M37212M6-XXXSP/FP and M37212M4/M8-XXXSP are the ROM size and the RAM size as shown below. Accordingly, the following descriptions will be for M37212M6-XXXSP/FP unless otherwise noted.

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