M3874 Datasheet – Liquid Tight Cordgrips

Part Number : M3874

Function : Heyco-Tite Snap-In-2 Liquid Tight Cordgrips – Flex LTRSCG 750

Size : .062″ (1,6 mm) to .125″ (3,2 mm) Thick

Manufacturers : Heyco (https://www.heyco.com/)

Pinouts :

M3874 datasheet

Description :

– Integral nylon spring eases the cable into a lazy bend; prevents kinking and assures longest cable and product life.
– Easy installation—unique fingers securely snap into a range of panel thicknesses – up to .125″ (3,2 mm) – with no tools or locknuts required.
– Sealing flange prevents sealing washer displacement due to water velocity to ensure a liquid tight IP 65 and IP 67 seal.
– Eliminate need for locknut or threaded hole to achieve liquid tight seal at panel; perfect for low clearance installation where locking nut access is limited.
– Ratchet design of sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable.
– Foam washer included.
– Rotation prevented when used in Double D mounting holes.
– Available in multiple sizes for flexible cord diameters ranging from .065″ (1,7 mm) to .709″ (18,0 mm).
– We recommend using the fitting with the smallest maximum diameter that will fit your application.
– Consult Heyco for cordgrips molded in other colors.

M3874 Datasheet PDF Download

M3874 pdf

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