M4-32 Datasheet – E2CMOS in-system Programmable Logic

Part Number: M4-32

Function: High-performance E2CMOS in-system programmable logic

Package: 44 pin PLCC Type

Manufacturer: Lattice Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

M4-32 datasheet



The M4-32 E2CMOS stands for Electrically Erasable Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor. It is a type of non-volatile memory technology used in digital electronics, particularly in microcontrollers and other integrated circuits.

E2CMOS is a type of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) that uses CMOS technology. It allows for individual bytes or words of memory to be erased and reprogrammed electrically without having to remove the chip from the circuit board.

Compared to other types of non-volatile memory, such as ROM or Flash, E2CMOS has lower power consumption and higher reliability.


1. High-performance, E2CMOS 3.3-V & 5-V CPLD families

2. Flexible architecture for rapid logic designs
(1) Excellent First-Time-FitTM and refit feature
(2) SpeedLocking performance for guaranteed fixed timing
(3) Central, input and output switch matrices for 100% routability and 100% pin-out retention

3. High speed
(1) 7.5ns tPD Commercial and 10ns tPD Industrial
(2) 111.1MHz fCNT

4. 32 to 256 macrocells; 32 to 384 registers

5. 44 to 256 pins in PLCC, PQFP, TQFP and BGA packages

6. Flexible architecture for a wide range of design styles
(1) D/T registers and latches
(2) Synchronous or asynchronous mode
(3) Dedicated input registers
(4) Programmable polarity
(5) Reset/ preset swapping

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M4-32 pdf

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