M42SP-6 Datasheet – 42mm, Stepping Motor – Mitsumi

Part Number : M42SP-6, M42SP-6NK

Description : Stepping Motor ( 42mm, 400mA )

Manufactures : Mitsumi ( http://www.mitsumi.co.jp )


M42SP-6 stepping motor


M42SP-6 has acquired the highest response among the outer diameter 42mm model series-holding torque : 41.2mN·m, pull-out torque : 21.6mN·m/800pps, and pull-in torque : 25.5mN·m/200pps (12V DC).

With superior running noiselessness and other features, this model motor is the most suited to future, compact electronic equipment.

M42SP-6 datasheet pdf pinout


1. High response.
2. High output torque.
3. Superior running quietness and stability.
4. Step angle : 7.5˚.

M42SP-6 Datasheet