M5218 PDF Datasheet – Dual, Operational Amplifier – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M5218

Function: Dual Low-Noise Operational Amplifier

Package: SIP 8 Pin, DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: OKI electronic componets




The M5218 are semiconductor intergrated circuits designed for a low noise preamplifier in audio equipment and a general purpose operational amplifier in other eletronic equipment.

Two low noise operational amplifer circuits displaying internal phase-compensated high gain and low distrortion are contained in an 8-pin for application over a wide rage as a general-purpose dual amplifer in general eletronic equipment.

The units can also be used as a single power supply type and amplifier in portable equipment.



M5218 pinout


1. General-purpose amplifier in stereo equipment, tape decks, and radio stereo cassette recorders, active filters, servo amplifiers

Other data sheets are available within the file: M5218AL, M5218P, M5218FP

M5218 Datasheet

M5218 pdf

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