M5248P Datasheet PDF – 1.5A, Darlington Current Driver

Part Number : M5248P

Function : 4-UNIT 1.5A, Darlington Current Driver

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type


Pinouts :

M5248P datasheet


Description :

The M5248P / M5286P, 4-channel sink driver, consists of 4 PNP and 14 NPN transistors to from high current gain driver pairs.


1. High output sustaining voltage to 80 V
2. High output current to 1.5 A
3. Integral diodes for transient suppression
4.Micro Computer Compatible input


Relay and printer driver, LED or incandescent display digit driver

Circuit Diagram

Other data sheets within the file : M5248, M5286P

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M5248P pdf