M52760 Datasheet – PLL-SPLIT VIF/SIF IC – Mitsubishi

Part Number : M52760

Description : PLL-SPLIT VIF/SIF IC

Manufactures : Mitsubishi

M52760 Datasheet


The M52760SP is IF signal-processing IC for VCRs and TVs. It enable the PLL detection system despite size as small as that of conventional quasi-synchronous VIF/SIF detector, IF/RF AGC, SIF limiter, FM detector and EQ AMP.

• Video detection output is 2VP-P. It has built-in EQ AMP.
• The package is a 20-pin shrink-DIP, suitable for space saving.
• The video detector uses PLL for full synchronous detection circuit. It produces excellent characteristics of DG, DP, 920kHz beat, and cross color.
• Dynamic AGC realizes high speed response with only single filter.
• Video IF and sound IF signal processings are separated from each other. VCO output is used to obtain intercarrier. This PLL-SPLIT method provide good sound sensitivity and reduces buzz.
• As AFT output voltage uses the APC output voltage, VCO coil is not used.
• Audio FM demodulation uses PLL system, so it has wide frequency range with no external parts and no adjustment.
• QIF AMP has a fixed gain, and good characteristic for NICAM.

M52760 Block Diagram

M52760 Datasheet