M5840 Datasheet – CMOS 4-BIT Microcontroller – OKI

Part Number : M5840

MSM5840, Marking : M5840

Manufactures : OKI


M5840 image


The OKI M5840, MSM5840 microcontroller is a low-power, high-performance single chip device implemented in complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology. Integrated within this one chip are 16K bits of mask program ROM, 512 bits of data RAM, 30 Input / Output lines, a programmable timer / counter, and oscillator.


1. Low Power Consumption – 8 mW typical
2. 100% Static Logic – 50 uW Standby, Typical
3. 2K X 8 Internal ROM
4. Up to 4K x 8 External ROM
5. 128 x 4 Internal RAM

M5840 Datasheet Pinout

M5840 Datasheet


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