M81511 Datasheet PDF – Mating Connector

Part Number: M81511

Function: Mating Connector

Manufacturer: Glenair ( https://www.glenair.com )


M81511 datasheet



This Amphenol 348 Series M81511 connector provides reliability & high contact density. 348 Series is a commercial equivalent to MIL-C-81511, not qualified to MIL-C-81511, they accommodate a minimum of three circuits to a maximum of one hundred and fifty five circuits. The Amphenol 348 Series connector is available in two basic constructions: Long (Series I) & Standard (Series II).

Dummy Stowage Receptacle Bayonet Coupling, AS81511 Series 2

Application Notes

1. Assembly to be identified with manufacturer’s name and part number, space permitting.
2. For complete dimensions, see the applicable Military Specification.
3. Metric dimensions (mm) are in parentheses

Datasheet : https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/18/12-093-1501256.pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: M81511/19, M81511/19-141, M81511/30, M81511/30-141

M81511 Datasheet PDF Download

M81511 pdf

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