MAX17435 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MAX17435

Function : High-Frequency Low-Cost SMBus Chargers

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

MAX17435 datasheet

Description :

The  MAX17435/MAX17535  integrated  multichemistry battery-charger  ICs  simplify  construction  of  accurate and  efficient  chargers.  The  MAX17435/MAX17535
provide SMBusK-programmable charge current, charge voltage,  input  current  limit,  relearn  voltage,  and  digital readback of the IINP voltage. The MAX17435/MAX17535
utilize  a  charge  pump  to  control  the  adapter  selection n-channel MOSFETs when the adapter is present. When the adapter is absent, the charge pump is shut down and
a p-channel MOSFET selects the battery.
The  MAX17435/MAX17535  provide  up  to  7A  of  charge current  to  2,  3,  or  4  lithium-ion  (Li+)  cells  in  series.  The charge current, and input current-limit sense amplifiers have low offset errors and can use 10mIsense resistors. The
MAX17435/MAX17535  fixed-inductor  ripple  architecture significantly reduces component size and circuit cost.

♦ Low-Cost SMBus Charger
♦ High Switching Frequency (0.85MHz/0.5MHz)
♦ Internal Boost Switches
♦ SMBus-Programmable Charge Voltage, Input Current Limit, Charge Current, Relearn Voltage,and Digital IINP Readback
♦  Single-Point Compensation
♦  Automatic Selection of System Power Source Adapter n-Channel MOSFETs Driven by an
Internal Dedicated Charge Pump Adapter Soft-Start
♦  ±0.4% Accurate Charge Voltage
♦  ±2.5% Accurate Input Current Limiting
♦  ±3% Accurate Charge Current
♦ Monitor Outputs for
AC Adapter Current (±2% Accuracy)
Battery Discharge Current (±2% Accuracy)
AC Adapter Presence
♦  AC Adapter Overvoltage Protection
♦  11-Bit Battery Voltage Setting
♦  6-Bit, Charge-Current Setting/Input Current Setting
♦  Improved IINP Accuracy at Low Input Current


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