MAX17480 Datasheet PDF – Fixed Frequency Controller

Part Number: MAX17480

Function: AMD 2-/3-Output Mobile Serial VID Controller

Package: QFN 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX17480 datasheet



The MAX17480 is a triple-output, step-down, fixed frequency controller for AMD’s serial VID interface (SVI) CPU and northbridge (NB) core supplies. The MAX17480 consists of two high-current SMPSs for the CPU cores and one 4A internal switch SMPS for the NB core. The two CPU core SMPSs run 180° out-of-phase for true interleaved operation, minimizing input capacitance. The 4A internal switch SMPS runs at twice the switching frequency of the core SMPS, reducing the size of the external components.

The MAX17480 is fully AMD SVI compliant. Output voltages are dynamically changed through a 2-wire SVI,allowing the SMPSs to be individually programmed to different voltages. A slew-rate controller allows controlled transitions between VID codes and controlled soft-start. SVI also allows each SMPS to be individually set into a low-power pulse-skipping state.


1. Dual-Output Fixed-Frequency Core Supply Controller

2. 4A Internal Switch Northbridge SMPS

3. ±0.5% VOUTAccuracy over Line, Load, and Temperature

4. AMD SVI-Compliant Serial Interface with Switchable Address

5. 7-Bit On-Board DAC: 0 to +1.550V Output Adjust Range

6. Integrated Boost Switches

7. Adjustable Slew-Rate Control

8. Power-Good (PWRGD) and Thermal-Fault (VRHOT) Outputs

9. System Power-OK (PGD_IN) Input

10. Overvoltage, Undervoltage, and Thermal-Fault Protection

11. Voltage Soft-Startup and Passive Shutdown

12.< 1µA Typical Shutdown Current

Other data sheets are available within the file: MAX17480GTL+

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