MAX2032 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MAX2032

Function : High-Linearity, 650MHz to 1000MHz Upconversion/Downconversion Mixer with LO Buffer/Switch

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

MAX2032 datasheet

Description :

The MAX2032 high-linearity passive upconverter or downconverter mixer is designed to provide +33dBm IIP3, 7dB NF, and 7dB conversion loss for a 650MHz to 1000MHz RF frequency range to support a multitude of base-station applications. With a 650MHz to 1250MHz LO frequency range, this particular mixer is ideal for high-side LO injection architectures. For a pin-to-pin compatible mixer meant for low-side LO injection, refer
to the MAX2029. In addition to offering excellent linearity and noise performance, the MAX2032 also yields a high level of component integration. This device includes a double
balanced passive mixer core, a dual-input LO selectable switch, and an LO buffer. On-chip baluns are also integrated to allow for a single-ended RF input for downconversion (or RF output for upconversion) and single-ended LO inputs. The MAX2032 requires a nomi
nal LO drive of 0dBm, and supply current is guaranteed to be below 100mA.
The MAX2032 is pin compatible with the MAX2039/MAX2041 1700MHz to 2200MHz mixers, making this family of passive upconverters and downconverters ideal for applications where a common PCB layout is used for both frequency bands.
The MAX2032 is available in a compact 20-pin thin QFN package (5mm x 5mm) with an exposed pad. Electrical performance is guaranteed over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

♦650MHz to 1000MHz RF Frequency Range
♦650MHz to 1250MHz LO Frequency Range
♦570MHz to 900MHz LO Frequency Range
(Refer to the MAX2029 Data Sheet)
♦DC to 250MHz IF Frequency Range
♦7dB Conversion Loss
♦+33dBm Input IP3
♦+24dBm Input 1dB Compression Point
♦7dB Noise Figure
♦Integrated LO Buffer
♦Integrated RF and LO Baluns
♦Low -3dBm to +3dBm LO Drive
♦Built-In SPDT LO Switch with 49dB LO1 to LO2
Isolation and 50ns Switching Time
♦Pin Compatible with the MAX2039/MAX2041
1700MHz to 2200MHz Mixers
♦External Current-Setting Resistor Provides Option
for Operating Mixer in Reduced-Power/Reduced
Performance Mode

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