MAX7400CSA Datasheet Switched-Capacitor Filter

Part Number : MAX7400CSA

Function : 8-th-order, lowpass, elliptic, switched-capacitor filter

Package : SO, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

MAX7400CSA Pinout

MAX7400CSA datasheet


Description :

The MAX7400 / MAX7403 / MAX7404 / MAX7407 8th-order, lowpass, elliptic, switched-capacitor filters (SCFs) operate from a single +5V (MAX7400/MAX7403) or +3V (MAX7404/MAX7407) supply.

These devices draw 2mA of supply current and allow corner frequencies from 1Hz to 10kHz, making them ideal for low-power antialiasing and post-DAC filtering applications. They feature a shutdown mode that reduces the supply current to 0.2µA.


1. ADC Anti-Aliasing
2. Speech Processing
3. Post-DAC Filtering
4. Air-Bag Electronics
5. CT2 Base Stations

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