MBI6023 PDF Datasheet – Constant-Current Sink Driver

Part Number: MBI6023

Function: PWM-Embedded 3×4-Channel Constant-Current Sink Driver

Package: DIP 24 Pin, QFN 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Macroblock


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The MBI6023 is a 3×4-channel, constant-current, PWM-embedded sink driver for LED strips.
MBI-6023 provides constant current ranging from 3mA to 45mA for each output channel and are adjustable with three corresponding external resistors. Besides, MBI-6023 can support both 3.3V and 5V power systems and sustain 17V at output channels.

With Scrambled-PWM (S-PWM) technology, MBI6023 enhances pulse width modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods to increase visual refresh rate at the same gray scale performance. Besides, the gray scale clock (GCLK) is generated by the embedded oscillator. Moreover, MBI6023 provides two selectable gray scale modes to trade off between image quality and transmission: 16-bit gray scale mode and 10-bit gray scale


1. 3×4-channel constant-current sink driver for LED strips

2. Constant current range: 3~45mA

3. 3 groups of output current, each group is set by an external resistor

4. Sustaining voltage at output channels: 17V (max.)

5. Supply voltage 3V~5.5V

6. Embedded 16-bit PWM generator


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1. LED strips

2. Mesh display

3. Architectural lighting


Other data sheets are available within the file: MBI6023GP, MBI6023GFN


MBI6023 Datasheet