MC33349N-4R1 Datasheet – Lithium Battery Protection Circuit

Part Number: MC33349N-4R1

Function: Lithium Battery Protection Circuit for One Cell Battery Packs

Package: Sot-23 Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


MC33349N-4R1 datasheet



The MC33349N-4R1 is a monolithic lithium battery protection circuit that is designed to enhance the useful operating life of a one cell rechargeable battery pack. Cell protection features consist of internally trimmed charge and discharge voltage limits, discharge current limit detection, and a low current standby mode when the cell is discharged. This protection circuit requires a minimum number of external components and is targeted for inclusion within the battery pack.


1. Internally Trimmed Charge and Discharge Voltage Limits
2. Discharge Current Limit Detection
3. Low Current Standby Mode when Cells are Discharged
4. Dedicated for One Cell Applications
5. Minimum Components for Inclusion within the Battery Pack
6 .Available in a Low Profile Surface Mount Package

Other data sheets are available within the file: MC33349N, MC33349N-3R1, MC33349N-4R1, MC33349N-7R1

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