MC6850P Datasheet PDF – Serial I/O Controller

Part Number : MC6850P

Function : Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

Package : DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Motorola (Freescale)

Pinouts :

MC6850P datasheet


Description :

The MC6850P Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter provides the data formatting and control to interface serial asynchronous data communications information to bus organized systems such as the MC6800 Microprocessing Unit.

Features :

1. 8- and 9-Bit Transmission

2. Optional Even and Odd Parity

3. Parity, Overrun and framing error checking

4. Programmable Control Register

5. Peripheral / Modem Control Fuctions

– MC6850 :  1.0Mhz

– MC68A50 : 1.5Mhz

– MC68B50 : 2.0Mhz


MC6850P Datasheet PDF Download

MC6850P pdf

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