MCB2470 Datasheet PDF – ARM, Evaluation Board

Part Number: MCB2470

Function: Evaluation Board

Manufacturer: KEIL, ARM Ltd


MCB2470 datasheet


The ARM7TDMI based MCB2470 Evaluation Board allows you to generate and test application programs for the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC24xx microcontroller family. With this hands-on process, you can determine the hardware and software requirements for current and future product development.

The Evaluation Board ships with the LPC2478 device that is a superset of several other device variants of the LPC24xx microcontroller series. The Board contains all the hardware components required in a single-chip LPC24xx system.

The Evaluation Board also includes a 320×240 TFT LCD QVGA color display module with a built-in touchscreen.

Development Boards & Kits – ARM EVAL BOARD FOR NXP LPC2478


1. LPC2478 ARM7TDMI processor-based MCU

2. On-Chip Memory: 512KB Flash & 96KB RAM

3. External Memory: 128MB NAND Flash, 4MB NOR Flash, & 32MB SDRAM

4. Color QVGA LCD with Touchscreen

5. 10/100 Ethernet Port

6. USB 2.0 Full Speed – USB, USB-OTG, USB Host, & UART via USB

7. Serial Port and CAN Interface

8. SD/MMC Card Interface

9. 5-position Joystick and 3-axis accelerometer

10. Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input

11. Amplifier and Speaker

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MCB2470 Datasheet PDF Download

MCB2470 pdf

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