MCN51-30P3-DS Datasheet PDF – 30 Pin, Connector – Hirose

Part Number : MCN51-30P3-DS

Function : MCN51 Series – High Current, High Density, Power Connector

Package : 30 Pin Type

Manufacturers : HIROSE ELECTRIC

Images :

MCN51-30P3-DS datasheet


Description :

This is High Current, High Density, Power Connector.

Features :

1. High Current Applications

Board-to-board connectors are UL certified for 27 A per contact.

2. Hiroses Unique Compliant Press-fit connection to the PCB

The compliant section is designed to provide reliable and damage free connection with the Plated-Through-hole, reducing stresses to the PCB.

3. Multiple Contacts in a Variety of Configurations offered with 8, 16 and 30 contacts in vertical, right angle, solder and compliant press-fit terminations.

Other data sheets within the file : MCN51-16P3-DS, MCN51-16S2-DS, MCN51-16S3-DS, MCN51-16S3-PFA

MCN51-30P3-DS Datasheet PDF Download

MCN51-30P3-DS pdf