MCP19114 Datasheet PDF – Analog-based PWM Controller

Part Number: MCP19114

Function: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Synchronous Low-Side PWM Controller

Package: 24-Pin QFN Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


MCP19114 datasheet



The MCP19114, MCP19115 are highly integrated, mixed signal low-side synchronous controllers that operate from 4.5V to 42V. The family features an analog PWM controller with an integrated microcontroller core used for LED lighting systems, battery chargers and other low-side switch PWM applications.

The devices feature an analog internal PWM controller similar to the MCP1631, and a standard PIC microcontroller similar to the PIC12F617. Complete customization of device operating parameters, start-up or shutdown profiles, protection levels and fault handling procedures are accomplished by setting digital registers using Microchip’s MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment software and one of Microchip’s many in-circuit debugger and device programmers.


1. Capable of Quasi-Resonant or Fixed-Frequency Operation

2. Low Quiescent Current: 5 mA Typical

3. Low Sleep Current: 30 μA Typical

4. Peak Current Mode Control

5. Differential Remote Output Sense


MCP19114 Datasheet PDF Download

MCP19114 pdf

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