MDU28C-25B1 Datasheet PDF – Digitally Buffered Delay line

Part Number: MDU28C-25B1

Function: Delay 25 +/-2ns, dual, HCMOS-interfaced fixed delay line

Package: J-Lead 8 Pin, 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Data Delay Devices


MDU28C-25B1 datasheet



The MDU28C-series device is a 2-in-1 digitally buffered delay line. The signal inputs (I1-I2) are reproduced at the outputs (O1-O2), shifted in time by an amount determined by the device dash number (See Table). The delay lines function completely independently of each other.


1. Two independent delay lines

2. Fits standard 8-pin DIP socket

3. Low profile

4. Auto-insertable

5. Input & outputs fully CMOS interfaced & buffered

6. 10 T2L fan-out capability


MDU28C-25B1 Datasheet PDF Download

MDU28C-25B1 pdf

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