MDU28C-25B1 Datasheet PDF – Digitally Buffered Delay line

Part Number : MDU28C-25B1

Function : Delay 25 +/-2ns, dual, HCMOS-interfaced fixed delay line

Package : J-Lead 8 Pin, 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Data Delay Devices

Pinouts :

MDU28C-25B1 datasheet


Description :

The MDU28C-series device is a 2-in-1 digitally buffered delay line. The signal inputs (I1-I2) are reproduced at the outputs (O1-O2), shifted in time by an amount determined by the device dash number (See Table). The delay lines function completely independently of each other.

Features :

1. Two independent delay lines

2. Fits standard 8-pin DIP socket

3. Low profile

4. Auto-insertable

5. Input & outputs fully CMOS interfaced & buffered

6. 10 T2L fan-out capability


MDU28C-25B1 Datasheet PDF Download

MDU28C-25B1 pdf

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