MIC4422 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MIC4422

Function : MIC4421 / MIC4422 / 9A-Peak Low-Side MOSFET Driver

Manufacturers : Micrel

Pinouts :

MIC4422 datasheet

Description :

MIC4421 and MIC4422 MOSFET drivers are rugged, efficient, and easy to use. The MIC4421 is an inverting driver, while the MIC4422 is a non-inverting driver.

Both versions are capable of 9A (peak) output and can drive the largest MOSFETs with an improved safe operating margin. The MIC4421/4422 accepts any logic input from 2.4V to VS without external speed-up capacitors or resistor networks. Proprietary circuits allow the input to swing negative by as much as 5V without damaging the part. Additional circuits protect against damage from electrostatic discharge.

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