MMBZ12VDL Datasheet – Double ESD Protection Diode, Rectifier

Part Number : MMBZ12VDL, Marking : *MA

Function : Double ESD Protection Diodes for Transient Overvoltage Suppression

Package : SOT-23, TO-236AB Type

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts :

MMBZ12VDL datasheet


Description :

Unidirectional double ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection diodes in a common cathode configuration, encapsulated in a SOT23 (TO-236AB) small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package. The devices are designed for ESD and transient overvoltage protection of up to two signal lines.

Features :

1. Unidirectional ESD protection of two lines

2. Bidirectional ESD protection of one line

3. Low diode capacitance: Cd≤140 pF

4. Rated peak pulse power: PPPM≤40 W

5. Ultra low leakage current: IRM≤5nA

6. ESD protection up to 30 kV (contact discharge)

7. IEC 61000-4-2; level 4 (ESD)

8. IEC 61643-321

9. AEC-Q101 qualified

Applications :

1. Computers and peripherals

2. Audio and video equipment

3. Cellular handsets and accessories

4. Automotive electronic control units

5. Portable electronics

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