MMN2716 Datasheet PDF – 2048 x 8 Bit EPROM

Part Number : MMN2716

Function : 2048 x 8 BIT EPROM

Package : 24 Pin DIP Type

Manufacturers : Micro Electronics

Pinouts :

MMN2716 datasheet


Description :

The MMN2716 is a static, electrically programmable read-only memory (16k EPROM) which has a transparent lid to allow erasure of the bit pattern with ultraviolet light. The device is fabricated with N-Channel silicon gate technology.


1. The device is a 2048 x 8 bit UV erasable PROM
2. Single 5 volts supply in READ mode
3. Standby mode of operation reduces the active device power by 75% approx.
4. Tri-state outputs, bidirectional data pins
5. Programming with 50-ms TTL level pulses

Other data sheets within the file : MMN2616-1, MMN2616-2, MMN2716-1

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