MPC7447A Datasheet PDF – RISC Microprocessor

Part Number: MPC7447A

Function: RISC Microprocessor Hardware

Package: 360 Pin BGA / LGA Type

Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor


MPC7447A datasheet



The MPC7447A is the fifth implementation of the fourth-generation (G4) microprocessors from Freescale.

The device implements the full PowerPC 32-bit architecture and is targeted at networking and computing systems applications. The MPC7447A consists of a processor core and a 512-Kbyte L2.



1. High-performance, superscalar microprocessor

(1) Up to four instructions can be fetched from the instruction cache at a time.
(2) Up to 12 instructions can be in the instruction queue (IQ).
(3) Up to 16 instructions can be at some stage of execution simultaneously.
(4) Single-cycle execution for most instructions
(5) One instruction per clock cycle throughput for most instructions
(6) Seven-stage pipeline control


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MPC7447A pdf

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