MR-E-40A-KH003 PDF Datasheet – 400W, AC Servo Driver

The Part Number is MR-E-40A-KH003.

This post explains for the semiconductor MR-E-40A-KH003, MRE40AKH003.

The function of this semiconductor is 400W, AC Servo Driver.

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI


MR-E-40A-KH003 manual pdf


This is General-Purpose AC Servo.

The Mitsubishi general-purpose AC servo MR-E Super has position control and internal speed control modes. It can perform operation with the control modes changed, e.g. position/internal speed control. Hence, it is applicable to wide range of fields such as precision positioning and smooth speed control of machine tools and general industrial machines.

As this new series has the RS-232C or RS-422 serial communication function, a MR Configurator (servo configuration software)-installed personal computer or the like can be used to perform parameter setting, test operation, status display monitoring, gain adjustment, etc. […]


MR-E-40A-KH003 PDF Datasheet

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