MR-SHPC-01V2-F Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MR-SHPC-01V2-F

Function : Hitachi SH microcomputer PC card controller LSI “MR-SHPC family

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Images :

MR-SHPC-01V2-F datasheet


Description :

1. Built-endian control circuit built-in
2. 5.0V/3.3V card correspondence external buffer read / write buffer Built-in card access timing adjustment function built-in one stage I / O window and a single memory window of two unnecessary or interrupt steering function built-in power-down function suspend Built

Other data sheets within the file : MR-SHPC-01V2, MR-SHPC-01V2B, MR-SHPC-01V2B-F, MR-SHPC-01V2T

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MR-SHPC-01V2-F pdf