MRF455 Datasheet PDF – RF Power Transistor

Part Number : MRF455

Function : The RF Line NPN Silicon Power Transistor 60W, 30MHz, 12.5V

Package : CASE 211-07, STYLE1

Manufacturers : Motorola Semiconductor, MACOM

MRF455 datasheet

Description :

Thise deive designed for power amplifier applications in industrial, commercial and amateur radio equipment to 30 MHz.

•  Specified 12.5 V, 30 MHz characteristics

– Output power = 60 W

– Minimum gain = 13 dB

–  Efficiency = 55%


In the push–pull circuit configuration it is preferred that the transistors are used as matched pairs to obtain optimum performance. The matching procedure used by M/A-COM consists of measuring h FE at the data sheet conditions and color coding the device to predetermined hFE ranges within the normal hFE limits. A color dot is added to the marking on top of the cap. Any two devices with the same color dot can be paired together to form a matched set of units.


MRF455 RF Transistor

MRF455 Datasheet PDF Download

MRF455 pdf

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