MSC1210 Datasheet PDF – Analog-to-Digital Converter

Part Number: MSC1210

Function: Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

Package: TQFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments)


MSC1210 datasheet



This is Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with 8051 Microcontroller and Flash Memory.

ANALOG Features:

24 Bits No Missing Codes
22 Bits Effective Resolution at 10Hz − Low Noise: 75nV
PGA From 1 to 128
Precision On-Chip Voltage Reference
8 Differential/Single-Ended Channels
On-Chip Offset/Gain Calibration
Offset Drift: 0.1ppm/°C
Gain Drift: 0.5ppm/°C
On-Chip Temperature Sensor
Burnout Sensor Detection
Single-Cycle Conversion
Selectable Buffer Input

DIGTAL Features:

microcontroller Core
High-Speed Core – 4 Clocks per Instruction Cycle
DC to 33MHz
Single Instruction 121ns
Dual Data Pointer

Memory :

Up To 32kB Flash Memory
Flash Memory Partitioning
Endurance 1M Erase/Write Cycles,
100 Year Data Retention
n-System Serially Programmable
External Program/Data Memory (64kB)
1,280 Bytes Data SRAM
Flash Memory Security
2kB Boot ROM
Programmable Wait State Control

Peripheral Features:

34 I/O Pins
Additional 32-Bit Accumulator
Three 16-Bit Timer/Counters
System Timers
Programmable Watchdog Timer
Full-Duplex Dual USARTs
16-Bit PWM
Power Management Control
Idle Mode Current < 1mA
Stop Mode Current < 1A
Programmable Brownout Reset
Programmable Low Voltage Detect
24 Interrupt Sources
Two Hardware Breakpoints


Industrial Process Control
Liquid/Gas Chromatography
Blood Analysis
Smart Transmitters
Portable Instruments
Weigh Scales
Pressure Transducers
Intelligent Sensors
Portable Applications
DAS Systems


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