MSP430P325AIPG Datasheet – Mixed-signal Microcontroller

Part Number : MSP430P325AIPG


Package : QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

MSP430P325AIPG datasheet


Description :

The Texas Instruments MSP430MSP430P325AIPG is an ultra-low power mixed-signal microcontroller family consisting of several devices which feature different sets of modules targeted to various applications. The microcontroller is designed to be battery operated for an extended application lifetime.

Features :

1. Low Supply Voltage Range, 2.5 V − 5.5 V

2. Low Operation Current, 400 A at 1 MHz, 3 V

3. Ultra-Low Power Consumption (Standby Mode Down to 0.1 A)

4. Five Power-Saving Modes

5. Wakeup From Standby Mode in 6 s

6. 16-Bit RISC Architecture, 300 ns Instruct Cycle Time

7. Single Common 32 kHz Crystal, Internal System Clock up to 3.3 MHz

8. Integrated LCD Driver for up to 84 Segments


MSP430P325AIPG Datasheet PDF Download

MSP430P325AIPG pdf

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