MT6329 Datasheet – PMIC, 155-pin TFBGA – Mediatek

This post explains for the semiconductor MT6329.

The Part Number is MT6329.

The function of this semiconductor is PMIC. The package is 155-pin TFBGA package.

Manufacturers : MEDIATEK

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Description :

MT6329 provides dual-channel, 0.7W into 8Ω, high efficiency Class AB/D audio amplifiers and flexibility for various applications of backlight LED drivers. It supports up to 6 WLEDs in parallel or alternative series 10WLED configurations. Flexible control keeps high power efficiency while supporting multiple drivers.

Sophisticated controls are available for powerup, battery charging and the RTC alarm. MT6329 is optimized for maximum battery life. The selectable 1-step or 2-step RTC LDO design makes MT6329 suitable for different RTC modules in BB chips. It allows the RTC circuit to stay alive without a battery for several hours. The battery charger in MT6329 supports lithium- ion (Li-ion) battery and provides precharge indication. The charger input voltage can be up to 10V and allows USB charging, too.
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MT6329 Datasheet