MT7620A Datasheet PDF – Wi-Fi System-On-Chips (WiSOC)

Part Number : MT7620A

Function : Integrated 802.11n MAC/BBP and 2.4 GHz RF/FEM Router-on-a-Chip

Package : TFBGA 265 ball, 11x11mm

Manufacturers : MediaTek Inc

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1. Clocked @ 580 MHz
2. DDR2 RAM (256MB/2Gbit max.) and NAND Flash support
3. 2x RGMII – usable with 5 switched FE ports + RGMII or 4 switched FE ports and 2x RGMII, among other modes
4. Additional interfaces: PCIe (1x), SDHC, PCM, I2S

MT7620A Datasheet

The MT7620  router-on-a-chip includes an 802.11n MAC and baseband, a 2.4  GHz radio and FEM, a 580 MHz MIPS® 24K™ CPU core, a 5-port 10/100 switch and two RGMII.

The  MT7620  includes  everything  needed  to  build  an  AP  router  from  a single  chip.  The embedded  high  performance  CPU  can  process  advanced applications  effortlessly,  such  as routing,  security  and  VoIP.

The  MT7620  also includes a  selection of  interfaces to  support  a  variety of  applications, such as a
USB port for accessing external storage.


MT7620 Function Block Diagram


MT7620A Datasheet PDF
MT7620A pdf

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