MX-1616C PDF – CMOS Programmable Analog Multiplexer

Part Number: MX-1616C

Function: High-Speed, CMOS Programmable Analog Multiplexer

Package: 18 or 28 Pin Ceramic DIP

Manufacturer: Datel


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MX-1616C image


The MX-1616C and MX-818 are high-speed, high-performance analog mutiplexers manufactured with a dielectrically isolated CMOS process. These multiplexers are ideal for high-speed, multichannel data acquisition systems where the multiplexer operates into a high-impedance load such as a sample-hold, buffer amplifier or instrumentation amplifier.


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Features :

1. 800 nanoseconds setting time to 0.01 %

2. Programmable SE or differential input modes

3. Break-before-make switching

4. Dielectrically isolated CMOS technology

5. TTL/CMOS compatible channel addressing

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MX-1616C Datasheet PDF