MXT276 Datasheet – Two Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver

Part Number : MXT276

Function : Two Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver

Package : TO94 4Pin Type

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Description :

MXT276 integrated Hall sensor and output drive circuit, mainly used in brushless DC fan of the electrical conversion. The IC integrates a regulated circuit, protection diodes, Hall sensors, operational amplifiers, comparators and a pair of complementary open collector outputs (DO, DOB). When the magnetic flux density (B) is greater than the operating point (BOP), DO is turned on (low) and DOB is turned off (high). The state of the two output pins will be maintained until B is below the release point (BRP), and DO and DOB will change their respective output states.




1. On-chip integrated Hall sensor
2. 3.5V ~ 20V operating voltage
3. 300mA average output sink current
4. built-in protection diode protection chip reverse power supply situation
5. -20’C ~ 85’C operating temperature


Block Diagram




1. Double coil brushless DC motor
2. Double coil brushless DC fan
3. Rotation count
4. Speed measurement

Application Circuit



MXT276 Datasheet