N7608B Datasheet PDF – Signal Studio for Custom Modulation

Part Number : N7608B

Function : Signal Studio Software for Custom Modulation

Operating System : Windows 8, Windows 7

Manufacturers : Keysight Technologies

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N7608B data sheet

Description :

Keysight Signal Studio for custom modulation software is a flexible suite of signalcreation tools that will reduce the time you spend on signal simulation. 5G candidate modulations, custom OFDM, and IQ signals can quickly and easily be generated for component, transmitter, and receiver test of emerging standards and 5G applications. Accelerate the definition of popular signals such as DAB, DVB-T/H, WLAN, SOQPSK, and DVB-S2X APSK with convenient quick setups, then easily modify and customize them.

N7608B Software Download : https://www.keysight.com/main/software.jspx?ckey=2582440&lc=eng&cc=US&nid=-11143.0.00&id=2582440


1. Create 5G candidate modulation waveforms (FBMC, F-OFDM, GFDM, UFMC) with an easyto-use graphical user interface

2. Create custom OFDM and IQ waveforms for emerging wireless, 5G, and aerospace/defense custom/proprietary applications

3. Customize OFDM and IQ quick setups for applications such as DAB, DVB-T/H, DVB-SH,

4.  Apply crest factor reduction to reduce peak-to-average ratio
5. Use with Keysight sources for flexible RF/microwave frequency and modulation bandwidth

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