NAS1097 Datasheet PDF – NAS-1097, 100° Solid Rivet

Part Number: NAS1097

Function: NAS-1097 100° Solid Rivet

Manufacturer: Aerospace Industries Association

Image :
NAS1097 image


The NAS1097 is 100° degree solid rivets – flush shear head made of 2117-T4 aluminum alloy. Anodized per MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 1, yellow in color.

This is rivets feature a 1/8″ diameter shank with a head size that of a 3/32″ rivet. Perfect when rivet hole becomes enlarged requiring 1/8″ shank but 3/32″ head matches the rest of your 3/32″ rivets.

Dimension :

NAS1097 datasheet pdf


NAS1097 Datasheet PDF


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