NAS1581 Datasheet – Screw Bolt, Head

Part Number: NAS1581

Function : High Strength, Close Tolerance, Reduced (Shear) Head, Countersunk Screw

Package: Screw Bolt type

Manufacturer: Genuine Aircraft Hardware


NAS1581 screw bolt


The options are after the Grip Length. If more than one option is used they are to be placed in order, if one is not used, maintain the order and skip the unused option.

The Grip length for Countersunk Head Fasteners, includes the head and extends to the full cylindrical
portion of the shank.


NAS1581 datasheet


(A)- or (F) = Alloy Steel, 4140,4340 or 8740, Heat treated to 160-180ksi. Cad 2 plated
(C) = Corrosion Resistant (A286) Steel, Heat treated to160-190ksi. Cad 2 (optional)
(V)- = Titanium (6al-4v) Heat treated to 160-180ksi. No finish


NAS1581 Datasheet


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