NCP1397B PDF Datasheet – Resonant Mode Controller

Part Number: NCP1397B

Function: High Performance Resonant Mode Controller

Package: SO-16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


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The NCP1397B is a high performance controller that can be utilized in half bridge resonant topologies such as series resonant, parallel resonant and LLC resonant converters. It integrates 600 V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. With its unique architecture, including a 500 kHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator whose control mode permits flexibility when an ORing function is required, the NCP1397 delivers everything needed to build
a reliable and rugged resonant mode power supply.


1. High−Frequency Operation from 50 kHz up to 500 kHz

2. 600 V High−Voltage Floating Driver

3. Adjustable Minimum Switching Frequency with ±3% Accuracy

4. Adjustable Deadtime from 100 ns to 2 μs.

5. Startup Sequence Via an Externally Adjustable Soft−Start

6. Brown−Out Protection for a Simpler PFC Association


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1. Flat Panel Display Power Converters

2. High Power ac−dc Adapters for Notebooks

3. Computing Power Supplies

Other data sheets are available within the file: NCP1397, NCP1397A, NCV1397A, NCV1397B

NCP1397B PDF Datasheet