NCP1606B Datasheet – Power Factor Controller – Onsemi

Part Number : NCP1606

Function : Cost Effective Power Factor Controller

Manufactures : ON Semiconductor

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NCP1606B Image

Description :

The NCP1606 is an active power factor controller specifically designed for use as a pre−converter in electronic ballasts, ac−dc adapters and other medium power off line converters (typically up to 300 W). It embeds a Critical Conduction Mode (CRM) scheme that substantially exhibits unity power factor across a wide range of input voltages and power levels. Housed in a DIP8 or SOIC−8 package, the NCP1606 minimizes the number of external components. Its integration of comprehensive safety protection features makes it an excellent driver for rugged PFC stages.

General Features
• “Unity” Power Factor
• No Need for Input Voltage Sensing
• Latching PWM for Cycle by Cycle On Time Control (Voltage Mode)
• High Precision Voltage Reference (±1.6% over temperature ranges)
• Very Low Startup Current Consumption (≤40 A)
• Low Typical Operating Current (2.1 mA)
• −500 mA / +800 mA Totem Pole Gate Driver
• Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis
• Pin to Pin Compatible with Industry Standards


NCP1606B Datasheet

NCP1606B Datasheet