NCR18650GA PDF Datasheet – Rechargeable Battery

This post explains for the Rechargeable Battery.

The Part Number is NCR18650GA.

The function of this Rechargeable battery is 3300mAh Recharge.

Manufacturer: Sony, Panasonic


NCR18650GA battery sony


NCR18650GA is Rechargeable Battery. The “NCR” in the model name indicates that it is a lithium-ion battery using a nickel-cobalt rechargeable cathode. The “18650” designation refers to its size, with an 18mm diameter and a length of 65mm, which is a standard form factor for many cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. It is commonly used in various applications, including power tools, flashlights, electric vehicles, and other electronic devices.


NCR18650GA pdf

A rechargeable battery, also known as a secondary battery, is a type of battery that can be recharged and reused multiple times. Unlike disposable or primary batteries, which are designed for single-use and then discarded, rechargeable batteries can be replenished with electrical energy and used over and over again.


Nominal Specifications

1. Rated Capacity : 3300 mAh

2. Capacity (Minumum) : 3350 mAh

3. Capacity (Typical) : 3450 mAh

4. Nominal Voltage : 3.6V

5. Discharging End Voltage : 2.5V

6. Charging Current : 1.675A

7. Charging Time : 4 hours

NCR18650GA datasheet

NCR18650GA PDF Datasheet

NCR18650GA pdf

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