NCV7707 Datasheet – Door Module Driver IC

Part Number : NCV7707, NCV7707DQR2G

Function : Quadruple 2-input Positive AND Gates

Package : SSOP-36 EP Pin type

Manufactures : Hitachi Semiconductor

NCV7707 Door-Module Driver


The NCV7707 is a powerful driver for automotive body control systems. The device is designed to control several loads in the front foor of a vehicle. The monolithic IC is able to control mirror functions like mirror positioning, heating and folding including the electro-chromic mirror feature.



NCV7707 datasheet pinout



1. Operating Range from 5.5 V to 28 V

2. Six HighSide and Six LowSide Drivers Connected as HalfBridges

3. Four HighSide Lamp Drivers

4. One HighSide Driver for Mirror Heating

5. Electro Chromic Mirror Control

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NCV7707 Datasheet