NJM082D Datasheet PDF – Dual J-FET OP AMP

Part Number : NJM082D


Package : DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturers : Japan Radio Corporation

Image :

NJM082D datasheet

Description :

The NJM072B, NJM082B, NJM082D & NJM072, NJM082 are dual JFET input operational amplifiers. They feature low input bias and offset currents, high input impedance and fast slew rate.

The low harmonic distortion and low noisemake them ideally suit for amplifiers with high fidelity and audio amplifier applications. The NJM072, NJM082 may cause oscillation in some application like voltage follower.


Pinouts :

Features :

1. Operating Voltage ( ±4V ~ ±18V )

2. J-FET Input

3. High Input Resistance ( 10^12Ω typ. )

4. Low Input Resistance ( 30pA typ. )

5. High Slew Rate ( 13V/µs, 20V/µs typ. )

6. Wide Unity Gain Bandwidth ( 3MHz, 5MHztyp.)

NJM082D Datasheet PDF Download

NJM082D pdf

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