NS4165 Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier ( SOP8 )

Part Number: NS4165

Function: 5W, high-efficiency, mono audio power amplifier

Package: eSOP8 Type

Manufacturer: NSI WAY


NS4165 datasheet



The NS4165 is a 5W high-efficiency mono audio power amplifier with switchable AB/D working mode, ultra-low EMI, no filter, and high efficiency.

The AB/D working mode can be switched between high and low levels through a control pin to match different application environments. Even in Class D working mode, NS4165 uses advanced technology to greatly reduce EMI interference within the full bandwidth range and minimize the impact on other components.

Its output requires no filter PWM modulation structure and feedback resistor built-in method to reduce external components, PCB area and system cost. NS4165 can provide up to 5W output power to a 2Ω load at a working voltage of 5V.

NS4165 has built-in over-current protection, over-heat protection and under-voltage protection functions to effectively protect the chip from damage under abnormal working conditions. And the use of spread spectrum technology to fully optimize the new circuit design, the efficiency of more than 85% is more suitable for low-voltage, high-power audio systems.


NS4165 Pinout

NS4165 pinout


1. AB/D type working mode switching, level setting
2. Output power: 3.2W (4Ω load/VDD=5V), 5W (2Ω load/VDD=5V)
3. Recommended working voltage: 3V~5.5V
4. 0.1%THD (1 W output power, 5V power supply, 4Ω load)
5. Excellent “power on, power down” noise suppression
6. Up to 85% efficiency
7. Overcurrent protection, overheating protection, undervoltage protection


1. Bluetooth speaker
2. Loudspeaker
3. Other portable speakers




NS4165 Datasheet

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