NTR0202PLT1 Datasheet PDF – P-Ch, 20V, 400mA, MOSFET

Part Number : NTR0202PLT1

Function : Power MOSFET ( -20 V, -400 mA), P-Channel

Package : SOT-23 Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts :

NTR0202PLT1 datasheet


Description :

This is P-Channel, -20V, -400mA, MOSFET.

Features :

1. Low RDS(on) Provides higher Efficiency and Extends Battery Life

2. Miniature SOT-23 Surface Mount Package that Saves Board Space

3. Pb-Free Packages are Available

Applications :

1. DC−DC Converters

2. Computers

3. Printers

4. PCMCIA Cards

5. Cellular and Cordless Telephones

NTR0202PLT1 Datasheet PDF Download

NTR0202PLT1 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : NTR0202, NTR0202PLT3, NTR0202PLT3G

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