NX1117CADJZ Datasheet PDF – LDO Voltage Regulator

Part Number: NX1117CADJZ

Marking Code : NCADJZ

Function: LDO Voltage Regulator,  20VIN ADJ 1A ( Output = 1.25 adjustable )

Package: SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts:

NX1117CADJZ datasheet




The NX1117CADJZ, NX1117C / NX1117CE are two series of low-dropout positive voltage regulators with an output current capability of 1 A. The two series consist of 18 fixed output voltage versions and two adjustable output voltage versions. The regulators feature output current limiting, Safe Operating Area (SOA) control, and thermal shutdown.


1. Maximum output current of 1 A
2. SOA control
3. Wide operation range to 20 V input
4. Thermal shutdown
5. Output voltage accuracy of ±1 % or ±1.25 %
6. No minimum load requirements for fixed output voltage versions
7. Output current limiting
8. Temperature range 40 °C to 125 °C



1. Post regulator for switching DC-to-DC converter
2. High-efficiency linear regulators
3. Battery charger
4. USB devices
5. Hard drive controllers
6. Consumer and industrial equipment point of load


NX1117CADJZ Datasheet PDF Download

NX1117CADJZ pdf

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