OCP8155 Datasheet – Current LED driver IC

Part Number : OCP8155

Function : PSR-precision constant current converter

Package : DIP-8L Type

Manufacturers : Orient-Chip

Image :

Description :

OCP8155 is an integrated 650V MOSFET with high accuracy from Wire constant current LED driver chip, can be applied to the output power of less than 18W LED constant current drive power, support full voltage input AC85V ~ 265V.



1. Internal 650V Power MOSFET
2. No Loop Compensation
3. ±3% Constant Current Accuracy
4. 85VAC~265VAC Universal Input Voltage
5. LED Open/Short Circuit Protection
6. FB to GND Short Circuit Protection
7. Over-temperature Protection
8. Under-voltage Lockout Function

Pinouts :

OCP8155 datasheet


1. LED Fluorescent Lamp
2. E27, Par Lamp, Down Light
3. LED Bulb, Spot Light
4. Other LED Lighting

Application Circuits

Other data sheets within the file : OCP-8155, OCP8155ND

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