OM5234 Datasheet PDF – CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number: OM5234, 0M5234

Function: CMOS Single-chip 8-bit Microcontroller

Package: DIP 40, PLCC, QFP 44 Pin type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


OM5234 Microcontroller


The OM5234 and OM5284 single-chip 8-bit microcontrollers are manufactured in an advanced CMOS process and are derivatives of the 80C51 microcontroller family. The OM5234 and OM5284 are pre-programmed devices for specific applications. The device contains a non-volatile 16k ×8 read-only program memory, a volatile 256 ×8 read/write data memory, four 8-bit I/O ports, two 16-bit timer/event counters (identical to the timers of the 80C51), a multi-source, two-priority-level, nested interrupt structure, UART and on-chip oscillator and timing circuits.


OM5234 pinout

OM5284 datasheet


1. 80C51 central processing unit

2. 6k × 8 ROM

3. 256 × 8 RAM

4. Two standard 16-bit timer/counters

5. Four 8-bit I/O ports

6. Full-duplex UART facilities

7. Power control modes

(1)  Idle mode

(2)  Power-down mode

8. ROM code protection

Other data sheets are available within the file:

0M5234, OM5284, OM5238/FBB, 0M5234/FBP, OM5234/IBA

OM5234 Datasheet PDF Download

OM5234 pdf

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