ON3105 Datasheet – Output DC – Input Optocoupler ( PDF )

Part Number : ON3105

Function : NPN- Output DC – Input Optocoupler

Manufacturers : Matsushita Electric, Nais, Panasonic

Image :

ON3105 datasheet


Description :

Matsushita Electric Works (Nais) : NPN-Output DC- Input Optocoupler

ON3105 Optocoupler

Specsheet :

Number of Channels=1
V(BR)CEO (V) Breakdown Voltage=30
I(C) Abs.(A) Collector Current=20m
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation=100m
V(CE)sat Max.(V)=400m
@I(C) (A) (Test Condition)=1.0m
@I(F) (A) (Test Condition)=20m
I(F) Max. (A) Forward Current=50m


Other data sheets within the file : ON-3105, 3105


ON3105 Datasheet PDF Download

0N3105 pdf


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