OP07AJ Datasheet PDF – Voltage Operational Amplifier

Part Number : OP07AJ

Function : Low Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier

Package : TO-99 8 pin Type

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

OP07AJ datasheet


Description :

The OP07AJ is a precision operational amplifier with very low input offset voltage ( 10µV typ. 25µV max. for the OP07A), input offset drift of 0.2µV/°C and low input bias current of 0.7 nA. The excellent linearity and gain accuracy are maintained at high open-loop gains, over both time and temperature.


1. Ultra Low Offset Voltage : 10µV
2. Ultra Low Offset Voltage Drift : 0.2µV/ °C
3. High Common Mode Input : ±14V
4. No external Components Required


1. Precision Amplifiers
2. Thermocouple Amplifiers
3. Low Level signal Processing
4. Medical Instrumentation
5. Strain Gauge Amplifiers
6. High Accuracy Data Adquistion


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