OPA378 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : OPA378

Function : Low-Noise, 900kHz, RRIO, Precision OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER Zero-Drift Series / GAIN BANDWIDTH: 900kHz

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

OPA378 datasheet

Description :

The OPA378 and OPA2378 represent a new generation of Zerø-Drift, microPOWER™ operational amplifiers that use a proprietary auto-calibration technique to provide minimal input offset voltage (20μV) and offset voltage drift (0.1μV/°C). The combination of low input voltage noise, high gain bandwidth (900kHz), and low power (150μA max) enable these devices to achieve optimum performance for low-power precision applications. In addition, the excellent PSRR performance, coupled with a wide input supply range of 2.2V to 5.5V and
rail-to-rail input and output, makes it an outstanding choice for single-supply applications that run directly from batteries without regulation.

The OPA378 (single version) is available in both a microSIZE SC70-5 and a SOT23-5 package. The OPA2378 (dual version) is offered in a SOT23-8 package. All versions are specified for operation from –40°C to +125°C.

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